Our New Favorite Thing?
LED Lighting


In the photos below, the LEDs illuminating the backsplash and countertop are using about 15 watts of energy for the entire installation.  They don't heat up like halogen and are less expensive than fluorescent under-cab fixtures.  Brilliant.


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Replace your existing recessed cans with LED kits and instead of using 60 watts per can, you could be using 60 watts for the entire room.

The technology of LEDs has come a long way.  The quality of light is very close to that of incandescent.  And, with dimming capabilities, it's truly beautiful.

Incandescent lamps are being phased out.  We use and recommend Cree Lighting Products.  To read about LED Lighting and why it is a better choice than CFLs (compact fluorescent lighting),
click on link: Why Cree Lighting
or visit http://www.cree.com/lighting